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29 May 2021 Contributing to Gemini ecosystem
23 May 2021 Spot instances for personal servers

Noteworthy Projects

2019-now aoc - Advent of Code in APL, J and Ruby.
2021 fj - JSON flattening tool.
2020 Elaho - iOS browser for Gemini protocol.
2020 gig - Gemini framework written in Go.
2020 gemini:// - PaaS for Gemini capsules.
2020 Sublime Nimpretty - Package for Sublime Text 3 to run nimpretty on save.
2013-now angular-rails-templates - Gem to compile angular templates with Rails' asset pipeline.
2011 Rails 3 template
2010 Proof of Concept for a CMS
2010 Fork of
2010-now dot config files